cliff-bartlettIn 1956, a sail maker by the name of Cliff Bartlett began repairing tarpaulins in his family home. From this humble foundation, the Bartlett business was born.

Continual growth based on a total commitment to service and quality, along with ongoing re-investment in new technologies have seen Bartlett stand the test of time, today being a leader within the industry.

Not simply keeping pace with new technology, Bartlett have often lead the way, developing new fabrication and sealing techniques for woven synthetic fabrics leading to faster, stronger and more durable fabric welding techniques. Bartlett works closely with fabric producers and has, over the years, introduced many new fabrics specific to product and market needs.

The company range includes an extensive list of products that protect, preserve, contain and transport. New products are being developed continuously as new needs are discovered and opportunities uncovered. The challenges are always new but the underlying theme is the same, to seek the most efficient, practical and innovative way to combat the elements; to protect human life or precious goods from nature’s forces; to harness the energy of the elements for the benefit of our customers.

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