Our company will be a family owned professional corporate umbrella organisation that grows and develops profitable strategic business units. We will use and expand on our fabrication ingenuity and expertise to become innovative industry leaders in existing and emerging markets by producing and selling appropriate products.


Our People

Our success comes from our people.
We work together in a fair, safe and secure environment.
We will provide the opportunities that challenge and reward our people to grow and develop their skills.
Respect and trust is the foundation of our relationship.

Our Customers

Customers are our partners and our number one priority.
Our products provide value for money; we aim to be our customers’ first choice.
By providing high quality service and solutions we will meet our customers’ needs and exceed
their expectations.

Our Suppliers

We are committed to mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers by developing strategic alliances.
We will achieve this by treating our suppliers in a loyal and ethical manner and being open in our

Our Shareholders

We understand that our success comes from the commitment and responsibility of our shareholders.
Through our loyalty we commit to meet the shareholders intent.

Our Industry

We will be a responsible industry leader whose success will be achieved through innovation and adaptation.
By being approachable, supportive and respected our name will be our benchmark.

Our Community

We accept responsibility for our role in providing a healthy and sustainable environment for the communities in which we operate. Our reputation as a responsible and supportive company will be exemplified through the continuing community involvement of our company and staff.