Care of your Bartlett Blinds

The Fabrics: Bartlett Blinds are manufactured using outdoor fabrics which are designed and
manufactured to resist the effects of weather. Controls are in place to avoid weave flaws reaching the end-user,
but the occasional occurrence of yarn slubs and knots are inherent characteristics of these outdoor
fabrics and are more evident in light colours and translucent products. Customers should assess the
suitability of the fabric for their particular application. To ensure satisfactory performance of
your Bartlett Blinds, it is important that thorough care and maintenance is employed.

When you receive your Bartlett Blinds: Extend the blinds fully and inspect them thoroughly
confirming that the blind is as per order.

To get the best from your new Bartlett Blinds: Handling during fabrication may have left some minor
wrinkles in the blind fabrics, avoid rolling the blind up with these still in the fabric. Simply
extend the blind fully for a few days exposure to full sun.

For canvas, fully extend and wet the fabric using a domestic hose at moderately high pressure for
several minutes until the fabric is uniformly wet. Allow the fabric to dry completely in full sun.
If required these procedures can also be followed after the blind has been rolled up for lengthy

Tips for longer life from your Bartlett Blinds:
Blinds should be:-
• Used fully extended. Do not leave blinds partly retracted for any length of time.
• Rolled up only when clean and dry.
• Rolled up in presence of high winds and storms. The leverage exerted can strain fittings and mountings.
• Kept clean! Do not mow lawns or clean gutters, etc. with the fabric extended.
• Always operate sunblinds from the centre, using pull down stick if necessary.

• Roll up only when clean and dry.
• When blinds are not required for lengthy periods fold scallop back against blind fabric and roll
up so it is protected from the weather and elements.
• To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with a soft brush (an occasional hosing may remove dust and some
ingrained dirt).
• Never scrub the fabric.
• Immediately remove deposits of organic matter (such as soil, grass cuttings, leaf litter, bird
droppings, vehicle exhaust).
• Remove any mildew, as it appears, by first brushing, then hose off well and dry in the sun.
• Do not use soaps, detergents, solvents or other liquid cleansers.
• Do not use strong bleaches such as pool chlorine.

Tips for longer life from your Bartlett Blinds:
Blinds should be:-
• Used fully extended. Periodically adjust blinds to full extension.
• Rolled up only when clean and dry.
• Rolled up in presence of high winds and storms. The leverage exerted can strain fittings and mountings.
• Kept clean! Do not mow lawns or clean gutters, etc. with the fabric extended.

What happens in Summer:-
• PVC blinds can start to stretch and become quite supple depending on the direct contact
time with the sun.
• In an enclosed area PVC blinds will create a hot house effect so may have to be rolled up during
hot days.

What happens in Winter:-
• During the colder months PVC blinds will contract and tighten up, so Bartlett Blinds has
allowed for this when manufacturing.
• Being rolled up for a long time in the rain PVC blinds will sometimes show white foggy marks
when rolled down. This will disappear in 5-10 days depending on exposure time during sunlight.

Things to be aware of:-
• PVC Blinds are not a brick wall or a glass window so will be baggy when first installed.
• PVC has a memory so treat it carefully so that it retains its shape and function.
• PVC ages over time and multiple blinds could look different depending on the exposure to

Cleaning: Gently hose to remove loose dust. Clean with a dilute solution of mild soap only and warm
water. Take care not to rub dirt or grit into the surface, scratching will result. Rinse and dry
with a soft cloth. For a really good finish, polish with VUPLEX. Follow the instructions on
the can.
Mowing:– Always roll up the blind before mowing or trimming nearby grass.
Storms:– It is not designed to withstand storms. Always roll up the blind for strong winds.
DO NOT LEAVE ROLLED UP FOR LONG PERIODS. The longer it is rolled up, the longer it will take for
the wrinkles to come out.
DO NOT LEAVE ROLLED UP IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Heat can build up inside the roll, damaging the PVC.
AVOID ROLLING UP WHILE WET. PVC can absorb water which will show up as cloudy residue. This
will eventually dissappear if the blind is left unrolled in the sun.
DO NOT ROLL OUTWARDS. Dirt, leaves and mositure can collect in the roll, staining the PVC.
FLAMMABLE! Keep hot surfaces and flames away!

What is the warranty on my Bartlett Blinds?

Bartlett Blinds warrants that the blind will not fail as a result of any fault in the
manufacture of the fabric or the fabrication of the blind and components.

Bartlett Blinds will replace free of charge any component of your Bartlett Blind which has failed
to provide satisfactory service for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture, for Canvas,
Mesh and Acrylic blinds, 2 years for clear or tinted plastic blinds. For commercial applications a
limited one year warranty will be applied.

This warranty which is offered in addition to any warranty required by law, is offered subject to
the following:

  • Proof of purchase can be demonstrated detailing invoice number generated when purchased and the blind is made available to Bartlett Blinds for inspection.
  • The warranty does not apply if the defect is caused by misuse, neglect or abuse of the blinds or if the defect is caused by wind or weather damage.
  • Bartlett Blinds reserves the right to determine if a defect has been caused by wind or weather damage
  • In the event of a defect occurring during the warranty period, Bartlett Blinds may, at its absolute discretion, either repair or replace the defective blind on a prorata basis.
  • This warranty does not cover what Bartlett Blinds would consider to be normal wear and ageing of the blind and components.
  • Bartlett Blinds will not be liable under the warranty for any matter other than the repair and replacement of the defective blind.
  • For commercial applications a one year warranty will apply if the blind is used in conditions equivalent to normal domestic situations.
  • If conditions for commercial application are uncertain, clarification from Bartlett Blinds should be sought and a determination on warranty will be issued.

Claims against this warranty are to be made directly to Bartlett Blinds.

This document should be read in conjunction with the Bartlett Blinds Care & Handling Instructions.