Bladder Tanks

Bladder Tanks are suitable for all of your confined spaces found around the home, office, shed, beach house or outhouse. 

Benefits of Bladder Tanks:

  • No more lengthy waits for your tank, only for it to arrive after a downpour
  • Ideal for historic zones where traditional tanks are not permitted
  • Can be used side-by-side or connected for greater water storage
  • Easily transportable when empty
  • Made from durable, long lasting fabric that is fully welded to ensure maximum strength
  • Built-in inlet and outlet allows the Bartlett Bladder Tank to be installed and connected to your existing pipe work and overflow
  • 12 month warranty on workmanship

All Bartlett Bladder Tanks are made to order and can be manufactured in any length and a maximum width of 1800mm.

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