Flexible Water Tanks – Flexitanks

Bartlett Flexitanks (also known as an onion tank or pumpkin tank) are acknowledged as the best performing floating collar dam by customers across Australia and New Zealand. Bartlett Flexitanks are ideal for firefighting or fire training exercises, temporary storage of water in emergency situations or containment of uncontaminated drinking water.

Combining purpose made reinforced PVC fabrics and our specialist knowledge in fabrication, Bartlett Manufacturing offer a rapid deployment tank which provides peace of mind when operating under Australian conditions.


  • Australian Made
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Self-Erecting (floating collar rises with water level)
  • Choice of Colours & Fabric Specification (food grade/non-food grade)
  • Stable (can be used on uneven ground)
  • 2” Outlets with Ball Valves x 2 (standard inclusion)
  • Carry Bag (standard inclusion)
  • Repair Kit (standard inclusion)
  • Ground Sheet (standard inclusion)
  • Helicopter Capable Collar (standard inclusion 7500L tank and larger)
  • Detachable Lid (optional extra)

Bartlett Flexitanks are frameless self-supporting buoy wall tanks that are used for storage of water and other liquids. Bartlett Flexitanks are ideal for liquid storage applications that require fast deployment of collapsible water tanks for difficult to access areas. In most cases, Bartlett Flexitanks can be set up by one or two people and are ready for filling within minutes. Bartlett Flexitanks are fitted with a circular floating collar which rises with the water level as the tank fills.

Perfect for short term portable water storage of up to 24,000 Litres, the collapsible Flexitank transportable tanks can be emptied and folded neatly for storage and transportation. Bartlett Flexitanks are designed and made in Australia using heavy duty fabrics to withstand tough Australian conditions, ensuring maximum longevity of the tank in rural, commercial, mining, and industrial applications. Bartlett Manufacturing can assist customers to select the most suitable fabrics for their water or liquid storage applications. Whilst all Flexitanks are supplied with 2 x 2” outlets with ball valves as standard, customers can request a range of different fittings to suit their application.

Committed to quality management, Bartlett Manufacturing have developed a Quality Assurance system approved by the Australian Defence Force for producing Bartlett Flexitanks. This same QA system is utilised for the manufacture of all Flexi tanks, regardless of the customer or the end use of the product.

For many years, Australian fire services have utilised transportable Bartlett Flexitanks for training exercises, as well as fighting bushfires and supporting air attacks with helicopter refills from critical fill points. Bartlett Flexitanks are an approved design and are utilised as a portable helicopter capable dip tank across Australia by state fire services including;

  • CFA Country Fire Authority (Victoria)
  • CFS Country Fire Service (South Australia)
  • RFS Rural Fire Service (NSW)
  • RFS Rural Fire Service (QLD)

Bartlett Manufacturing holds a proud 65-year history in fabric conversion, by using world leading technical manufacturing methods, ensuring that attention to known stress areas in the Flexitank foam collar tank are addressed without compromise to the all-important flexibility of the tank. Bartlett Manufacturing use industry leading fabric capable of tolerating large amounts of flex endured by a Flexitank when fully filled, combined with the strongest seaming and welding techniques possible.

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