Bartlett Inflatable Boat Fenders

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, heavy-duty Bartlett Inflatable Boat Fenders are the ultimate storage-friendly solution to protect your boat. The inflatable boat bumpers are available in multiple lengths, making them perfect for securing your watercraft against a jetty, pier, walkway, marina, or to secure against other boats.

Bartlett Inflatable Boat Fenders are the perfect docking accessory to protect your watercraft from scratches and damage, when secured against hard objects or other boats. Fast to inflate and deflate utilising a SUP type quick inflation valve, the fenders are versatile to use both horizontally and vertically with the heavy-duty D-rings.


  • Heavy Duty 900GSM PVC
  • Repair Kit (included)
  • Carry Bag (included)
  • D-rings Both Ends
  • Quick Inflation Valve (SUP type)
  • Small Pack-Up 45x45x10cm (deflated)

Built to last in Australian conditions, Bartlett Inflatable Boat Fenders are manufactured from commercial grade 900GSM supported PVC fabric, designed to withstand a high amount of flex, hits and bumps whilst protecting the watercraft. Most importantly, they are easy to deflate and stow, allowing to simply fit into almost any storage area in a ski boat, jet ski, tinny or yacht.

Bartlett Inflatable Boat Fenders are available in the following lengths

  • 0.6M (2FT)
  • 1.2M (2FT)
  • 1.8M (6FT)
  • 3.6M (12FT)

Bartlett Inflatable Boat Fenders are the ultimate boating accessory.

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