Wine Press Membranes

Bartlett Wine Press Membranes to suit air bag presses are acknowledged as the best performing by customers across Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. Bartlett membranes are replacement equipment for a large range of bladder presses, where they meet and, in most cases, exceed, the original manufacturer specifications. Combining purpose made reinforced polyurethane fabric and our specialist knowledge in fabrication, Bartlett Winery Products offer a custom-made wine press bladder which provides peace of mind when operating a wine press during vintage.


  • Australian Made
  • Extended Life Cycle
  • Advanced Technical Design
  • Increased Strength (through adhesion coating)
  • 100% Polyurethane
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Increased Flex Resistance

Each quality Bartlett wine press membrane to suit pneumatic presses are manufactured using world leading computer cutting and precision welding methods. In most cases Bartlett Winery Products will already have a pattern for replacement press membranes, however if there is not a matching pattern on file, an easy to use wine press measurement form will be supplied. Alternatively, return the membrane to Bartlett Winery Products, where the technical team can measure and replicate the original airbag press membrane.

Bartlett Winery Products holds a proud 65-year history in fabric conversion, by using world leading technical manufacturing methods, ensuring that attention to known stress and wear areas is addressed without compromise to the all-important flexibility of the replacement wine press membrane. Bartlett Winery Products use industry leading fabric capable of tolerating massive amounts of flex endured by a pneumatic membrane, combined with the strongest abrasion properties possible. Initially used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, Bartlett wine press membranes have also become an important component of Bartlett Winery Products export category and are now being readily accepted as a premium product throughout the grape growing regions of the Napa Valley in California, the southwest regions of Canada as well as major European wine regions.

Service commitment to Bartlett Winery Product customers is a high priority, with strong focus placed on turnaround times for made to order replacement membranes during vintage. Please check with us regarding selected variants of press membranes that are held in stock, and ready for immediate shipping.

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