Bartlett Pumpline™  is a high quality and durable PVC hose used for transfer of large volumes of water. An exclusive product to Bartlett, Pumpline™ was developed as an alternative to traditional water transfer methods in open earthen channels. By enclosing the water in a fully welded tube evaporation is completely eliminated which is crucial in regions of Australia and abroad where water preservation is critical.

Pumpline™ is also a widely accepted product for pumping water over a distance from a dam or reservoir into holding ponds or other water storage areas. Whilst cheaper unsupported PE fluming products are available on the market, the benefit of Pumpline™ is in the high quality PVC material making the tubing more durable and able to carry higher volumes of water at higher pressures than unsupported fluming.

Reasons for choosing Pumpline?

  • Highly durable fabric product
  • Easily rolled flat and transportable
  • Able to carry higher volumes of water at higher pressures than unsupported fluming
  • Controllable water transfer method with 100% water efficiency
  • Eliminates evaporation

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