Safety & Road Rescue Equipment

Clear Soft Protection Screens – Available in a range of shapes and sizes. These screens are strong and reliable and come in a handy carry bag. Clear soft protection screens allow for constant visibility during the rescue whilst providing the victim with physical protection by repelling debris.

Sharp Edge Covers – All covers are easy to use and store. Bartlett sharp edge covers come in bright colours and are light weight. Made with powerful magnets and/or velcro and a wool lining, they are water repellant and washable. Sharp edge covers eliminate the risk of cuts and abrasions to the victim and the rescue team that may be caused by glass fragments or raw edges of the vehicle resulting from the accident

Windscreen Glass Protection Kits – Allow light and visibility to be maintained in the vehicle. This will also act as a barrier between the windscreen and the casualty, ensuring that any glass fragments from the windscreen do not come into contact with the crash victim.

Safety Mats – Widely used by fire authorities and in the Safety and Rescue industry for training excercises. Bartlett Safety Mats provide a soft and safe landing area when simulating difficult rescues that may not be safe without this landing product.

Rescue Dummies – Bartlett general purpose rescue training manikins plays a very important part in common rescue scenarios such as working at height, confined space, urban search and rescue (USAR) and general handling exercises. Rescue Dummies also play an important role in road rescue training programs by adding realism when positioned in hard to reach places such as in a crushed vehicle. Made from a strong canvas skin with a long zipper down the spine, each dummy can be filled to simulate different weights and make a realistic casualty. Large and small size rescue training dummies can be purchased from the Bartlett Online Store.

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